Our Clients
EST 1995
Item Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent, Halogen and HID Lighting Fixture with electronic inverter for refrigerated vehicle Control Board for Garage(AC/DC inverter)
Turnover US$ 6,000,000 - 2002
Asset US$ 3,000,000
Reference BANK Korea Exchange bank Yaksu Station Branch
Clients ENDO Lighting Co.,Ltd. - JAPAN -Electronic ballast
TOPRE Co., Ltd -JAPAN-Lighting fixture for Refrigerated vehicle
Falcon Co.,Ltd -U.S.A -Control board for garage
ISO ISO9002 -1998
Rearch Center 6 persons
Employee 65 persons
Factory-Location Venture Town in anyang Kyung Ki province Korea
  -Construction area 1,800 SM
  -Land 1,500 SM
Production facility Auto Insert Machine(Panasert) 1Set
Auto Soldering Machine 1Set
Assembly Line : 6 Lines