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JAPAN - Endo Lighting Corp.

Established 1967
Capital: 3 billion Yen (Osaka Stock Exchange Market)
Sales: 15 billion yen or USD 115 million per year

Concentrating in the market of Commercial Facilities.
Manufacturing mainly in Japan and in Thailand.

General Catalogue, Outdoor Catalogue and "ABiTA" Catalogue are
main catalogues, "ABiTA" being imported decorative line.
More than 5,000 models, of which about 20% is imports including
"ABiTA", are kept in stock for prompt delivery or supported by
quick back-up production.
Japanese specifications of 100V or 200V and 50 or 60Hz with JIS standard.

550- 0005 1- 2- 17

TOPRE Co., Ltd -JAPAN-Lighting fixture for Refrigerated vehicle

Topre's temperature control technology enables it to provide a full range of products and services from mechanical-type refrigerator to heat insulation panels, design and manufacture of containers, and installation of vehicle-mounted refrigeration units. Since developing Japan's first, ground-breaking cold-plate refrigerated vehicles in 1968, we at Topre have consistently led the field in forward-looking technical development. We also offer "live logistics" cold-chain solutions, and were one of the first companies to add heating units to reefers.


Headquarters: Tokyo
Sagamihara, Hiroshima, Tochigi, Chukyo
Sales Offices: Osaka
Overseas Liaison Office: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A

Falcon Co.,Ltd -U.S.A -Control board for garage