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To lead better and comfortable life, our aim is to develop innovative attractive and competitive lighting systems related to electronic ballast,inverter,and etc to save energy cost and protect the earth environment. Our facility has state-of-art equipment from the world.
In addition to this, our team’s spirit is reinforced to challenge something

    Q system 동작 및 특성 시험중, 파형 측정 후 분석 장면


Q-system( 110W Lamp)저온 시동 시험 /항온항습 테스트 시험기

    발라스타 이엠아이 장비 TEST 중

저온 시동 시험 중 (챔버 )

라이팅 픽스투어

    할로겐 램프용 전자식 안정기 EMI 테스트